Do heart rate monitors have a place in the gym?

Has anyone ever wondered why cardio machines are equipped with heart rate monitors and ask you for your age? I’m sure you’ve figured that it probably has something to do with factoring in the calories burned during your workout, but what if I told you there was so much more to it than that.

Your heart rate can be used to help you reach specific goals during your workout session. This is done by calculating your “target heart rate”. There are many equations that can be used to calculate this number but the simplest is: (more…)


Supplements. What do you REALLY need?

We live in an ad dominated world. Every fitness icon has their own supplementation line, and everyone knows that one person on our friends list that raves about that one supplement they found on Instagram. So what’s the deal with supplements? Do we really need them, and how do we know which ones are worth the money? (more…)